Are you buying a home or thinking of buying a home? There is a lot that goes into buying a home! Once you find the right home and get your offer accepted there is a lot that must go on in the first 17 days! Inspections start to get scheduled right away. One of the Inspections that I highly recommend is the Home Inspection.

What is a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is a limited non-invasive examination of the homes current condition. The Home Inspector looks for components that are not performing correctly or components that are not safe. This is an inspection that can’t be done by just anyone. Professional Home Inspectors have a specific list of items that they go thoroughly inspect.

What if there are problems shown on the report?

All homes have problems, even brand new homes. Once our buyer has received the report, we go through the Major Concerns and our buyers make a list of the items they feel the seller should repair, replace or address. In my experience, we usually can come to an agreement with the sellers to repair some if not all of these items. The Home Inspection also acts like a To Do list for the buyers. This allows the buyer to go down the list and make the necessary upgrades and repairs that The Home Inspector noted in his report. We usually give our buyers a few options for them to chose from.

What is included in the Home Inspection report?

The Home Inspection report includes the current condition of the heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing, electrical systems, roof attic, visible insulation, walls, ceiling, floors, windows, interior and exterior doors, foundation, basement ( if applicable), and any visible structure.

Can I attend the Home Inspection?

Yes! Our buyers are always encouraged to attend the Home Inspection. They usually last a couple hours but this gives you a chance to see the details of the home and the Home Inspector can talk to you about the concerns as he sees them.

I hope this information was helpful!

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