Thinking of Selling your Home? First step is to find out what your home can sell for! The way to do that is simple! Just Click Here and fill in the 4 items requested. I will then pull stats from your neighborhood and use properties similar in age, style & size to get your personalized Property Value! I can get then meet with you or BETTER YET, set up an in depth presentation in your home. When I come to your home, I can see your home and take into consideration any additional features your home has to offer and give you a better idea of what your home can sell for! Here are pricing options to consider.


1. Listing as High as possible - ( above the competition) 

Pro - You may get your price and smile all the way to the bank ( very risky)

Con - Your property will linger on the market, followed by price reductions, followed by frustration and disappointment. 

2. Listing at Fair Market Value - ( just like your competition) 

Pro - Generate inquiries, activity, showings and possibly offers. I suggest offer incentives in order to stand out from your competition!

Cons - Buyers will have their selection of homes to chose from: they will compare listings based on features and amenities and they will negotiate strong terms.

3. Get your Home's Value and shave 15 to 20 percent off of that price. I know... it sounds risky rigth? Here is what will hapen, buyers will see that your home is listed below all of the others that are similar to your home and they will all come running to your house to take a look and you will receive multiple offers. Offers will come in strong and above list price. This is the single best strategic move to get The Best Price for your Home! 

With Experience comes Results! Call Today! 

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