How much house payment can I afford?

How Much of a House Payment can I Afford?

Ok, let's first start off by saying that many of our inquiries are from buyers that kind of work backwards. Well, we are definitely the first call you make but let's forget about the house for a second. Yes, I said Forget about it! Let's talk about how you will be financing your home. Once you decide that you are ready to buy, we will put you in touch with a mortgage lender. They will then run your credit and obtain important financial info from you to determine how much you qualify for and what (if any) loan programs you qualify for. Generally the recommendation is that you Do Not exceed 28% of your Gross Monthly income. So, with that in mind it's important to remember that this is the biggest purchase of your life and to get all of those details taken care of before you hop online and start searching! 

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