Did you know that on average over 10,000 dollars are spent in the first year of home ownership? We didn't either! Although when you buy a home, you may think you've already budgeted for it, there are other things to consider. Here are 6 hidden costs of home ownership, so get ready!

1.) FURNITURE  AND DÉCOR:  This is especially true if you're sizing up! Nearly $2,000 dollars is spent in furnishing and decorating a new home.  

2.) UNEXPECTED  REPAIRS:  Repairs and property alterations cost nearly $4,000 dollars for a home buyer. Disclosures and home warranties can help with this in the first year, but things may pop-up after that.

3.) BASIC MAINTENANCE:  From pest control to carpet cleaning, this can add up each year.

4.) YARD MAINTENANCE:  If you don't already have them, you may need a mower, an edger, basic garden tools, and more-or money for a gardener.  

5.) UTILITIES:  Check local rates for water, electricity, gas, garbage, cable, and other services you use.  

6.) SETTLING IN:  You may need to purchase things like shower curtains or cleaning supplies during the first few weeks in the home. And probably more take-out dinners than usual!

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