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Staging is a huge factor that will determine whether or not your home will sell fast and for Top Dollar!

We have gathered the Top 6 Ways to leave an impression when Staging your home! If SOLD is the Goal, read on.. 

  1. Store your personal items: As your real estate agent, our goal is to make sure your house appeals to to the largest segment of likely buyers in order to secure the best possible price. In order to do this, it's important to make sure the buyer can picture themselves in your house, so that means safely storing any personal items. 
  2. Minimize Furniture: Rearranging and even storing furniture will allow your house to appear more spacious as well as show off its charm and unique details. Clutter will for sure distract potential buyers.
  3. Go Easy on Scents: One buyer might love the smell of a candle or freshly baked cookies, another might not. It's best to keep scents neutral and minimal in order to boost appeal.
  4. Show off Storage: Clearing out closets and other storage areas will show off their size and capacity. Believe it or not, that is a huge selling factor when buyers are coming through the house. They love to see that there is space for their stuff. Remember what you like about your home when you decided to buy it. 
  5. Create a Hotel-like Space: Some of the best hotels invite guests to feel at home – and that is precisely what a buyer should feel when viewing your house. We have seen this in various different ways.. 1: Have a little Coffee Nook set up. 2: Light music playing in the background 3: New Bed Spread are always a huge hit. 4: Carpet always vacuumed w/light freshener 5: Try not to be there when showings are taking place 6: Keep pets outside
  6. Curb Appeal: The first impression is often the most important. I will help you identify landscaping that complements your house's distinctive style. We ALWAYS recommend trimming overgrown bushes and trees, planting bright flowers and adding red wood chips to flower bed to give it that extra pop! I promise that when it comes time to take pictures, it will make a huge difference! 

    Our commitment to you is to provide you with enough information to make an educated decision when Selling your home! We are not agents that sit idle! We will provide you with the tools for success and go out and Market your home to get you to SOLD! Let's chat! 

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