5 fixes to make or not to make before selling your house

When it comes to listing your home, there's no single set of rules. But check out these things to think about as you walk through your home with an agent!

Paint -FIX! There's no accounting for the massive upgrade a fresh coat of paint can bring. -

Major Kitchen Upgrades- DON'T Fix!

Unless there are major structural issues, most buyers would prefer to do something more to their own taste.

Minor Kitchen Issues- FIX! Small things like plumbing leaks & light fixtures can make a bug difference.

Energy Efficient Windows-

DON'T FIX! New windows may be a major selling point, it's also a project that can snowball in time & cost.

Floors- FIX! From fixing scratched floors, to replacing cracked tile, to cleaning dirty carpet, a little money spent on sprucing up the floors can be well worth the investment.

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