Thinking you may need to List your Home For Sale? Today we are talking about Doing your Homework and Research!

Selling your Home is a big decision and hiring an Agent that is a great fit for you is an important step. Here are a few questions that you should ask when it comes time to take that step!

1. Are you a Full Time Realtor? 
This is a Huge one because if you hire a Realtor that is part time and doesn't have access to their phone or email when a problem arises, it will affect your sale. For example, if an Agent is trying to schedule an appointment to show buyers your home and they don't have staff or an assistant, you could lose a potential buyer. You will also lost out on potential Marketing Time if your Realtor is at another Job Full Time. You want to be informed on how they will give you top notch service on a part time basis. 

2. How many Home Have they Sold? 
Or even their office? If they are a newer agent, you want to be sure that they have a successful mentor that they are working very close with to make sure you are in a position to have a successful Listing presentation and sale. Experience matters so much on how your Agent will represent you and negotiate on your behalf. 

3. Ask to see their Testimonials. 
This will give you an idea of their past customers' experience and the level of service they provide. Most agents have Home Seller and Buyer reviews on Zillow. Do your research! 

If you at the very least ask these 3 questions, you will be a HUGE Step Above your competition ( neighboring homes for sale) That's right! When you list, you are in a competition and you want to make sure you have hired the right Agent on your side! 

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Find yourself asking the Following: How much is my home worth? What can my home sell for? Can I sell my Home and Buyer another at the Same Time? Reach out! We would love to help! No Obligation! Just Free Helpful advice!  

When you meet with our Team to get your home listed for sale we will address all of these points and determine the steps to take to get your home List Ready! Here are a few more Blogs that you should check out! If you are reading this Blog you are already of the Home Selling Process! 

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Who we are? 
Our team has over 40 years of combined real estate experience with Home Buyers and Sellers Here in Bakersfield. We have sold over 1200 Homes and if there is anything our experience has shown us, it is that not all real estate agents are created equal. Too many agents rely on the 3 “P” Marketing Plan of Putting your home on the MLS, Putting a sign in the yard, and Praying that it sells. You Deserve More Than That! We use our exclusive 76-Point Marketing Plan to get you can take to the bank. 

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